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you may address me as She-Ra

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you may address me as She-Ra

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So.  I did not think I could finish emptying the storage unit by myself after Mike went to work.  I was fairly resigned to keeping it - there were pros and cons.  I decided to still try to finish emptying it, but not overexert.

However, I flipped into overdrive anyway between 7:00 and 7:30 - and I managed to get almost everything that was left into the car.  I was astonished, as I was sure it was two full carloads.  It was soooo close - one stinkin' table and the sticky things: broom, walking stick, tennis rackets, swiffer, etc.  It was the table that was really thwarting me - I could *not* make it fit.  However, at this point, the job was way too close to done to leave - come on!  I'd sooner let the storage place confiscate the stuff than pay just for storing that.

I came home and tried to figure out what to do while I cooled off for about half an hour.  I contacted various folks, but they all have these silly things called lives (I never expect anything on last minute calls - that way I'm not disappointed - but it's always an excuse to say hi, if nothing else).  Doing that took long enough, though, that I was cooled off, rested a little, and could think straight again, so I kicked *back* into overdrive, emptied half the car in only half an hour, drove back over with the front seat laid back - and it fit.  The locker is empty, and the obligation is ended.  :)

So, I feel pretty good.  It pleases me that I succeeded.  I will sleep solidly tonight, and, well, I can clean the kitchen and do laundry tomorrow.  Or maybe Tuesday.

My sole regret is that I never took anybody to the storage unit to make out.  Would've been fun.  :)

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