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on batteries

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on batteries

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The battery died on Dad's car today.  We've only had it since Friday.

Went to the accursed mall after work today, to get a new battery for it - got a DieHard Red Top.  It's some new technology - the counter guy said silicon to hold the electrolytes, no battery acid - I'll need to reread the pamphlet, and then maybe do some additional research, to really figure out what the buzzwords actually mean.  Dunno if I will or not, though.  I'm hit or miss on such projects.

Dad was the one who picked the cool battery (even though it was 40 bucks more than the next best one) - of course he did!  Where else did I inherit my gadget-love from? 

I'm pretty sure he just wants to play with it, once we get the car back to him (hopefully won't be long).

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