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my summer vacation

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my summer vacation

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Sucky work all day (except for lunch with Aga and Sabina at Sbarro's - that was nice), but then to the airport for loh . Airports are scary! 

Mike missed the bus at Midway (instant karma, that, perhaps).  Eschewing an exciting chase scene (because the flippin' bus was *right* in front of us!), we instead picked the lady up at the lot where she had disposed of the car, and then went to IHOP (I had a steak omelette - pretty yum!), Office Max and Target to kill most of the three hours until the next bus.


loh and I slept like narcoleptics.  Seriously, it was hours.  We've both been short on sleep (I however, have no excuse for that, I have been told repeatedly).  It was *awesome*. 

Went to Subway for a late lunch, and then to Walgreens so loh  could replace her busted sunglasses (I was as helpful as I ever am at blah shopping[0] - not very, though I tried!).  Mike came home, and we ordered pizza from Nancy's for dinner (was supposed to be Giordano's, but sadly, not one of their locations would deliver to us), as well as a sammich for me, jalapeno poppers, and something called tomato bread, which, oddly enough, is bread with tomatoes on it.  There is also cheese, however - there's just no truth in advertising anymore.

Don't think I did a houseworky thing all day, except to clean the catbox.  :)


Slept in again, though not like the marathon sleep-in session from the day before. Had cold pizza for breakfast, then I slowly and leisurely washed the dishes while loh  did most of her homework.  I also took a nap at this time.

Eventually, we went to Dunkin' Donuts for iced lattes (why do so many places insist on making coffee beverages that still taste like coffee?  I mean, eww... what's the point?  Bleh.) and then to Meijer for groceries.  loh  made vegetable curry from scratch, and then I washed the dishes again.

I like curry.  :)


Got up earlier, and wasted time for a while - we had talked about going to Damon Busters for lunch, but since elision had rendered himself walking wounded, we needed a change of plan, so we ended up with more homework/nap (yes, I am horrible! hehehe!), and then we went over to elision and langs_place's place for dinner instead of going out. langs_place made Caeser salad and pasta fagioli soup, and loh  had made hot spinach dip to bring. We played Wise and Otherwise, which I won, as I do sometimes, because I was born an old woman, and so my first language is aphorism. :P


Used the alarm clock - yuck! - and made it out the door sometime around 9:30.  Made it to the airport with oodles of time to spare, in spite of the fact that I missed one turn  (leeme 'lone!  I just moved, and the exit that's closest now looks funny!  Plus I, uh, forgot what I was doing for a minute... *ducks head*).

Airport was somewhat less scary, since I had been there recently.  I saw loh all the way to the part where I couldn't go, and then I went home - was back here before the plane even left the ground, in spite of some constructiony traffic jamminess outside Midway.


I have to work tomorrow - bleah - but I had a nice solid break, with naps, and new food to try, and somebody to bum around with, and nothing bad or terribly stressy happened at all. Very very happymaking, as vacations go.  


[0]  blah shopping = shopping at any place other than a bookstore, music store, grocery store or cool store, which term includes random sorts of places like Spencers, Natural Wonders, game stores, places with office supplies, or any store with shiny things.  Cool stores depend, at least in part, on mood.  For example, The Gap need not apply - unless it's time for earrings.  Maybe then - maaaaaybe.

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