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attention deficit spending

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attention deficit spending

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I think my senses depend too much on my thoughts.  Sometimes I don't observe things unless I'm looking for them... so if I don't think of something, or worse, don't understand something, I can't see it.  I guess a really good general example is how, once a new word is learned, suddenly it is everywhere.  It was always there, but the brain caused the eye to skip it until it was learned.  This happens to everyone; it's natural.  I figure it's one of the brain's methods of protecting itself from overload.  I see this as problematic, though, because I feel like I do it more often than I should, and I don't like being oblivious to things I ought to be noticing.  I should either:

  1. use my senses better.
  2. stick to my current system, but add my intuition to my intellect as backup for my senses

Now, how do I do either *one* of those?

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