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A warning to all and sundry

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A warning to all and sundry

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I will be playing Four Square.  This is an open-ended engagement, slated for "sometime before it snows".

Four Square requires at least four people.  I am only one person.  Therefore, I need three more people.

Four Square is a game, which is what makes it fair game for a games night.  I realize that I only introduced the concept in a real-life-possible manner last night.  However, since I met with some firm resistance (you know who you are), I feel that it's only fair to issue a warning: I have no qualms about making anyone with whom I have ever attended any previous games night play Four Square at the next one (no,  I will not be assaulting anyone on my first meeting with them - while I have historically given odd first impressions, I fully believe that one should always save something for the second date!).  I will of course, ask first - but if necessary, I will pester, bother, cajole, and, as an outside extreme, bribe - but I am very nice, and everyone should want me to be happy, so I don't see myself really needing to go much past pester.  On the other hand, I am *very* good at bribery.  Ask around.

In the time I have spent just trying to read the instructions to Illuminati, about ten rounds of Four Square could have been played.  Just a thought.

    Make a square, 8 feet to a side, and quarter it.  Number the squares 1-4.
    The game begins with number one dropping the ball and hitting it underhanded into any of the other squares.  The person standing in that square lets the ball bounce in their square, before hitting it underhanded to any other square.  The game continues until the ball is hit out of bounds or a player can not retrieve the ball.  When a player loses, they lose their number rank and leave the square, either going to the four square or to the end of the line if there are people waiting to play.  The people in the lower numbers move up.  If the player in square number one loses, each of the players move up one square and a new number one comes into play.  Play with any kind of ball that bounces well.

Resource:  http://pazz.tripod.com/4square.htm

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