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final analysis

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final analysis

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We have a loose appointment for tomorrow, sometime between 9 and 10, to go and see the specific apartment that we have reserved (we only saw the model).  Unless there is something drastically, horribly wrong with it, all systems are go - we can start moving in that day, which is a week early.

The downside is that since I hurt myself, and I am the prime motivator in this household (and what a sad sad situation *that* is!) we have barely done a tenth of the packing we needed to. 

The upside is, Kelly's new plan - to stay at this property but switch houses - so she *will* be moving at almost the same time as us, the middle of next month - won't hurt us as much, because we can start getting out a week earlier.

  • I have successfully developed a shallower relationship with Reid, and he is moving out of the house at the same time as Kelly rather than with us, so this move should be much less stressful w/r/t him
  • Mike and Reid both have jobs, so even though I am *still here*, darn it, we are much much better off than we were before we moved in with Kelly (in that regard, the move was a complete success)
  • I adapted to Kelly.  Having lived both with my mother and with Kelly, I think I could adapt to any rational person, as well as many different sorts of irrational ones (they being two examples of the latter).
  • There is tons of stuff that we never unpacked because there was no room for it, so it doesn't need to be packed now. And, by the way, I will garrotte the first person who spouts the line about how if I didn't need it up to now I don't need it at all - I have been longing for some of these things... but unable to find them - and unwilling to buy new ones because I *have* a blender, damn it! Of course, I could buy one of those groovy ones with the spigots, but still..
  • .

I'll update as I think of things. This is a happy list!

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