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Tomorrow will be Rita's last day, unless Sandy manages to talk her into staying out the full two weeks of a usual notice.  I kind of doubt that'll happen - I don't think Sandy could talk me into putting my own hair out if it caught on fire.  Still, Rita likes Sandy better than I do - not that that's hard to do!

I think quitting is the right decision for Rita: she would score so insanely high on a stress index test right now that it's amazing all her hair hasn't fallen out.  Javier leaving to join his unit in Iraq has been the last straw - in the weeks leading up to his departure, she's been visibly falling apart.

The only thing I wonder is if it will be the best thing for her older daughter to have her mother at home full time.  From the sound of it, she is already one clingy little girl...  Ah, well.  I'm too far outside that situation to really know.

I hope I can overcome all my usual issues and stay in touch with Rita.  I have all her contact information, and she has my email - and I think she's going to need outside contact in the weeks and months ahead...

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