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So, I was lying in bed, thinking about fried eggs.  Then I thought, "Hey, I bet we have eggs!"  I came downstairs to check, and yup, we did have eggs!  I know you can't count on them being there, is why I had to check, of course.

So, I set up my eggs to fry, and popped in some bread to toast.  It was then that I realized that I did not see the salt and pepper. 

My five-minute search yielded the pepper grinder.  I still do not know where the salt is.

Of course you have to see if there are eggs, or milk or things like that.  You shouldn't have to search for the salt and pepper.  This is ridiculous.

It's not that this ruins my day.  It's not even that it makes me angry.  It's that it makes me wonder: so, why did I come back?  This place is never going to change.  These people are always going to suck.  I need to leave.  I *want* to leave.  When when when can I go?


*honors commitments even when they suck*

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