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Grandma and money, in brief

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Grandma and money, in brief

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Today we're celebrating Mother's Day for Grandma.  She was busy on der Tag.

Grandma is 85.  She is living in a place where she doesn't have to cook or really clean or do anything she doesn't want to, if she can pay for it.

She *can* pay for it, and I'm glad.  Sometimes she gives money to all of us grandkids, and we take it because a) we are needy and b) because it makes her happy.  I would be perfectly content, though, if all of her money lasted her only to the last day of her life and no more.

I have seen what the life of a senior citizen who is not flush is like.  It is not a pretty way to spend your latter days.  Thank goodness I don't have to see that with her.  Even if she did not have plenty of money of her own, she has family and family and family. She will always be taken care of. 

Not all of us have that.  Everyone, please put a dime in your retirement funds now. 

*hops off soapbox*

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