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the thoughts I'd be thinkin'

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the thoughts I'd be thinkin'

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A few weeks ago I started to write this and never finished it:

"I was looking at my hair in the mirror in the car today.   I looked at the basic brown, at the deep auburn highlights, at the bright silver.   in the sunlight, it all glowed together - and I thought: I should do the same with my mind as I do with my hair. Everything should show."

It's been too long, and I no longer recall the ending I intended, so I figured I'd just post it as is.  As I do, though, I realize that even though I had that thought weeks ago, I didn't follow through at all.  I'm still trying, and it's even harder now than it would have been then.  The trouble with trying to live that way, I think, is this: the hair is naturally exposed, but the mind is naturally hidden - and takes every possible step it can to hide itself further.  Anyway - I didn't think of it then, but the highlights in your hair only come out under the light.  That's what I need: another sun - to shine inside my head.

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