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more puzzling

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more puzzling

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Finished my second jigsaw this afternoon.  It is missing three pieces.  It's a shame that I lost them - it was a vintage Sprinkbok, and it was complete when I first got it.  I was not a good custodian.  Ah, well, the pieces will move on to their next iteration as art (and I kept the kitty painting part, since it was complete!).  The pieces are *very* colorful - ideal for craftiness!

I am fond of this puzzle.  The first time I assembled it, I did not figure out what the subject of the picture was until I was half through putting it together.  I experienced a lovely moment of convergence, and I love the painting itself.  A man, in his living room, surrounded by a heap of books - and the title is "Exuberance".  I *grok* this painting!!

I wish I could find a print of this painting.  Though I've only just started looking,  Hans Hof(f?)mann is apparently not famous enough for prints of his works to be too readily available.  I only know of him *because* of the jigsaw (but then I have a limited education w/r/t the visual arts)!  I suppose I could try to make one myself, but I doubt I could do it well enough to make it worth the effort (not with the supplies and experience I have at hand!).  The permissions from the gallery seem to be for commercial uses only, and does not have this image in its list of available prints. . .

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