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nice way to start my sick day

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nice way to start my sick day

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I didn't get enough sleep last night - I stayed up for a couple of hours and then couldn't sleep for a couple more, and then woke up a couple hours after that to realize that I had been sleeping but had thought I was awake.  Anything but restful.  And the rackin-frackin cold is gaining on me.

So, I called in sick today. My words were, "I need to call in sick today, I think."

My boss said, "Well, either you're sick or you're not.  Which is it?"

She's so right to attack me for being tentative - it's not like I have any balls for her to bust. I see her point in being persnickety, too, since the odds of me calling to say, "Hey there!  I'm coming in to work!"  are so very very strong - why, I do it every day, right? There's no way she could have intuited why I was calling, and you certainly don't want to give allowances for the communications skills of sick people.

I wonder if she is unhappy because she is so unpleasant.  I wonder if she is so unpleasant because she is unhappy.

I mostly wonder when I am gonna get my act together and quit this stupid placeholder of a job.

Maybe next time I wake up, I'll jobhunt for a while. Blah.

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