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what's up with this week?

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what's up with this week?

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Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, got my prescription, started taking it immediately.

Stayed home that day and Friday due to the adjustment to the side effects.

Stayed home from an actual outing with humans on Saturday because I was still sick from my drug. Started my period as well.

Sunday, nausea was finally starting to pass. In the morning, I cleaned to the point where I was willing to let Mom in the house when she arrived around 2. She helped me pick an interview outfit, and then took me to shop for shoes. It was hideous in a perfectly-acceptable-to-outside-eyes kind of way, but there are two boxes in the car with shoes in them, so technically that was a success. I can't even remember the last time I felt that way with Mom, and back in the day that would have described much of our time together, so that part is an unmitigated success.

Monday was breakup day. In retrospect, it's been a long time coming - relatively speaking, the time was anything but long, but the downswing was fully half the length of the relationship as a whole. I did not realize this right away, as it was not clear on a surface level, so I had to figure out what was happening, retroactively. What's weird is that it was really heady and sweet there for a bit, but less than a day after the end I find I'm wanting to just not count it at all, kind of like the way that one factory job I had for six weeks in 2009 is not on my résumé. If I was the type to spend energy on embarrassment, this episode might be a good candidate. I keep hearing Rimmer saying, "There's been a giant administrative cockup." That appears to be the best explanation for how the relationship came to be in the first place, and while great things have been built on less, that isn't happening this time. It's a totally amicable ending, I anticipate being fine in very short order. Just the way I feel in writing this description tells me that.

Tomorrow, different doctor, getting an IUD. Feels weird the day after a breakup, but it was honestly a long-term decision that is not really changed by what happened today, and with what's happening in this country politically it seems prudent to never ever ever get accidentally pregnant ever ever EVER. Not that it normally looked like a good idea, you understand.

Thursday I have a second interview for a different position at work. I'm nervy as hell, not helped by the fact that nobody I know from previous classes had two interviews. I will hope for myself that it means something good.

I only planned half of these things and it was already a pretty packed 8 days. Seriously, I'm exhausted.
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