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It's a nice mix this year of improvements, goals, and continuations of things I'm already doing.

Finish getting all my belongings to the condo (so close but did not make it this year).
Assess all possessions once they are finally all in one place.
Determine my real space needs for optimum happy living (do I ultimately want keep on having a house to myself? Do I really prefer apartments? Do I need to find something really unconventional?)
Continue private writing.
Restart public writing.
Move from customer service into tech group at work.
Keep moving away from plastic dishes. Go Pyrex!
Figure out with J where our relationship is going. Will I relocate? If I do, what kind of living arrangement will it be? Will I try to transfer my current job or find something new?
Get back into my old soup project.
Eat more home cooking.
Stop wasting food!
Continue with health self care, getting back where I was and then bettering that.
Continue with to do list.
Start volunteering again.

Happy New Year, y'all!

More thoughts:
Find the library in town and start using regularly.
start working with music in the background, especially multitasking, so I can listen to new music on a regular basis (I generally do not read or work with music in the background because I tend to focus on music when it is playing, so that's what I'm looking to end)
get out more
try every nail polish that I have bought
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