polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

I set my mind in motion

Everything else in my world certainly seems to be moving.

August 7th I loaded the car with the daily essentials, including my two cats and their requirements, and headed for Mom's. I've been moving in ever since, an easy task since I commute to the same job that is two minutes from the apartment where most of my things still are.

In mid-September Mom said to me, "I think I've found a place to live." She applied for and was chosen as the renter of a duplex 45 minutes west of here. This move was always in the works, but was slated to happen around January. She just found the perfect place and jumped.

September 24th I was part of a crack team of guerilla movers, and we jointly relocated my friend Bamm from her apartment to a huge house an hour away. Her new place is farther from my old place but closer to my new place.

September 27th, I had to pack up my desk at work - got a new shift and a new supervisor and a new desk on a new floor. I have not yet unpacked, because the new desk is half the size and the drawer was full of stuff from at least two people back. It was not a pleasant work experience.

On September 29th Mom took possession of her new rental place.

October 2nd she and I loaded both our cars and went out so I could see the new place, and help with some cleanup. There are chairs there now, and a table!

There is much more moving happening all around me, with varying levels of my involvement: getting the bulk of Mom's things to her new home, slated for the 9th if we can get a truck lined up in time; moving the bulk of my things out of my brother's place to my new house; moving my brother's girlfriend in with him; possibly helping out of state friends with a fairly sudden move (and getting a vacation out of the deal, sweet); moving Bamm to another location, that location almost certainly being into my house here.

The most stable thing in my life right now is my new old car. Fortunately, it's a station wagon.
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