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sing a song

On my impending visit to Lincoln, we'll be going to karaoke, and the fella requested that we do a duet of "I'll Cover You," from Rent. I have not actually seen it or listened to the soundtrack, but seein' as it's his birthday, we let him go I am willing to do extra things, so I learned the song over the weekend. It's quirky; from a stylistic standpoint, I am not so sure about the line, "A new lease you are, my love, on life," but as dicey writing goes, I've sung far worse without worrying about it. I was trying to remember the last time I learned a song quickly like that - back in the days of choir, swing choir and musicals, I learned them through rehearsal, no need to study. I think it may have been 1991, for the U. S. National Chorus tour I took over the summer. The learning felt good to my brain.

In other musical news, nekouken tried out for Bye Bye, Birdie last night. When prepping for his audition, he had asked me on Sunday if I had any sheet music. I was more than willing to go hunting through the storage bins in the closet, but before that, I told him the library will have sheet music. I hopped onto the Library's website and found that the script and sheet music for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog are available in book form and was on the shelf. He picked it up on Monday and made copies of the sheet music he needed for the piano player. So, I'm pleased with myself for finding him some awesome, and I'm pleased with the Gail Borden Library, for having it on the shelf.
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