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It is fun to have overnight company. Arturo came out to have his car repaired, and has stayed over for two nights. I try to get him to stay more often, really, so he can save on the gas and watch TV with me. It's just such a good time: the late night trip for toaster waffles last night, and then tonight "fish and chips" - beer batter fish from the freezer section with french fries at BK - terrible, wonderful ideas. He's my TV buddy and my extra brother. I wonder if anyone at work thinks we're screwing. *chuckle*

My former weekend plans involved overnight company that would not have had that siblingesque element. I am a little selfishly bummed that I am no longer up for anything snuggly, but it's due to a very sick dog, so I can't really indulge in complaining without being a jerk. We'll get together some other way, some other day, and hopefully in the meantime I'll find someones who are free to use his and Lea's tickets. So far no takers, but I checked with some folks today about their schedules and haven't heard back yet from everyone, and I also have a few more people I can try.
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