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now we're cooking (and cleaning)

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now we're cooking (and cleaning)

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Today was just excellent. I had arranged to spend the afternoon with Erin, helping her with organizing things in her and Stephen's condo. I was up early and unable to get back to sleep yet again, but with actual plans coming up I was much more motivated than usual. I got in touch with Erin to make the actual arrangements for the day, only to find she'd gotten overbooked to the point where she was only available for social events in the evening, so I decided to stay home and use that energy on much needed cleaning instead.

Dishes and laundry and a living room tidy in the morning, pretty standard, and I made a quickie lunch to share with Mike, a tuna alfredo pasta box mix and salad. He was very happy about the tidy! The salad was successful - I tried putting on scrambled eggs, and it worked well. The flexibility of salad makes life a lot easier sometimes. While we ate, we started watching the show Human Target, which is actiony fluff and lots of fun. Since his lunch is too short for "hour long" episodes, we stopped halfway so I could clean up after the cooking, and I decided I wanted to really cook for dinner, so Mike picked a fish soup called Caribbean Callaloo from the soup volume of the Joy of Cooking series, and he made the shopping list for me.

After he left, I took an hour for a break from cleaning that included a shower. Since I was going to be home and cooking, I invited coworker Scott over for his lunch period at 5, which we had done once before successfully. Then when I was getting ready to shop, I found that a kitty incident was going to necessitate a trip to the laundromat. Even with that delay, though, I managed the shopping in good time; in spite of adventures like the very involved search for okra (an epic in its own right), I got home to start cooking with an hour to spare. That left me with no margin, and not enough time to do a good job on cosmetic cleaning, which I suppose was just as well since the belt is going on the vacuum anyway. Handily, Mike came home early, so I had him give me an assist with the fish I was thawing - Scott being on his very limited lunch hour, I very much wanted to have actual food for him!

The dish came out nicely - mild, and not overly fishy, and Mike made grilled cheese to accompany the soup. We talked about 80s cartoons, movies and kosher salt before Scott had to head back. After dinner, Mike and I watched more Human Target while we did more cleaning together. Mike worked on the racks and bins while I did cooking cleanup, and we ended with organizing the kitchen drawers, which made me so happy it cannot be described in English. The disarray was stunning, and now it's all gone. Plus it involved putting more stuff up on the pegboard and that is just win.

Also it may not be evident but I am dead tired, as this is my 19th hour awake - one may note that there are no naps mentioned in the catalogue above. I think I actually fell asleep two or three times while writing this. Time now for sleepings.
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