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willpower workout

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willpower workout

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I encountered an idiot tonight, and after three foolish responses from him I cut myself off - one to prove that he couldn't read for context, and two more to show he is a dismissive ass.

His belief was that this was a politician indulging in "...freshen[ing] up a dirty phrase with medical terms." That baffled me, because when I read the article, I saw that Scott Randolph made an awesome statement which would also make for an excellent sci-fi story:

“The point was that Republicans are always talking about deregulation and big government,” Randolph said Thursday. “And I always say their philosophy is small government for the big guy and big government for the little guy. And so, if my wife’s uterus was incorporated or my friend’s bedroom was incorporated, maybe they (Republicans) would be talking about deregulating.

So, I asked dirty phrase guy to clarify, and learned that when he read the same passage, he saw Scott Randolph suggesting a wifeswap by substituting "incorporating" for "fucking." It's such an awesomely bad read of the text, powerfully incorrect on multiple levels, that it's actually impressive!

I don't argue much on the internet; it's such a waste of time. However, sometimes I am just compelled to respond a little bit:

No, he wasn't. Incorporate in this sense means "to formalize as a corporation." What he said is that maybe if they indicate that her womb or his friend's bedroom are businesses, they will have the same protections that are being given to companies while they are being stripped from individuals. Read for context. The only so-called "dirty mind" here is yours.

I confess, I was not writing to convince there. I am bothered when activists talk to people this way, with embedded insults that guarantee that the person will not be convinced, and then use the tone argument to defend that mode of speech. It's important to feel anger about the things that matter, and to channel that anger into actions. However, when you let the anger out as scorn, you cut the legs off your own argument. That being said, I am decidedly, purposefully, concertedly NOT an activist. I just have occasional outbreaks of "someone is WRONG on the internet!" disease, and my jerkish close does not excuse him for not realizing how wrong he was. His answer to that was "Sure," and then when I responded sarcastically, he said, "Yup," ...and I left that discussion right then and there to go read something light and fun. I give myself double kudos, both for being so awesome, and for knowing when to quit. *self high fives* (it looks a lot like clapping)

Thusly do I post this day!

*edit* Followup to this post from a few days later: willpower is not a force strong enough to defeat Facebook notifications. Every time someone commented after me, I got another damn email. I turned off most of them subsequent to this conversation. However, the dude, while still brimming over with wrongability, turned out to be less troll than hurt feelings guy, and able to be civil. So, that's nice. I still dropped out of the conversation, but I did go back in long enough to tell him how he made himself look trollish - politely, so that hopefully he won't do that again. It's worth a shot.
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