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betrayed by the cleaning crew

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betrayed by the cleaning crew

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Our company did not recycle. I suggested it once, and nothing happened.  I probably could/should have been more proactive, but what I *did* was recycle my own paper.  Inconvenient, but worth it, as the waste was acutely painful to me.  It was something, anyway.

After discussing recycling in casual conversation, one of the girls found out who could *do* something about it, brought it up to that person, got involved, got recycling bins from the building (the lessors encourage recycling - it's cheaper for them) and distributed them - big one by the copier and little ones under every desk - so everyone has a trash and a paper recycling can.

I was pleased with the change, and impressed - she did a much better job than I did - and I gladly switched to using the company's recycling.

Then I heard that the janitorial service takes the separated refuse and puts both kinds in a single dumpster, because using the separate facilities is too much of a pain.

I don't know yet if this is true.  One person had been saying this to me for a couple of months, but he was an inveterate joker, and the way he was saying it led me to think he wasn't serious.  When I heard it from a second source, I went directly to the girl who had set up the recycling system.  She had heard a similar rumor, so the minute I talked to her, she went to the person who helped her set us up to recycle in the first place.  The matter is now "being looked into".

Take my derailed personal recycling program over a year.  Multiply that by the 100 people in the office.  The weight of all that paper is roughly equivalent to how pissed off I am going to be if this all turns out to be true.

I don't blame Maria and the other girls - they do what their boss tells them to do, just as I do.  And while I will be mad at the boss of the janitorial service who made this call, I will be just as mad at my coworkers who *knew* our recycling program was a joke - and did nothing.

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