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party time, excellent

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party time, excellent

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The party last night was small but still excellent.

I wonder what it is like to live at Ed and Linda's. Initially I was uncertain about their strong interest in providing a party space, but they have a constant stream of people through the house and are used to it. Also, now that I think about it, it does let Linda be certain of wheelchair accessibility by sharing her own space. Since the house is wonderful to spend time in AND I don't have to clean it other than helping with moderate tidying before and after, I certainly don't have a problem with it. I may go so far as to ask her if she'd like to host a dinner party. It would mean having a real table...

Setting aside the Ghost of Parties Yet To Come, we arrived a little early, and then right at 3 Mom arrived. I was surprised and pleased, because I had invited her and then not realized she was a definite rather than a maybe - historically she has not tended to come. What is nice is that she and Linda seem to like each other fairly well. Mom needs some new friends, and I don't know a lot of people who would be appropriate. I am happy to share my people, but Mom does not have a tremendous amount in common with most of my friends.

It was good that she came also because nobody else turned up for some time. Of course with me and Mike and Mom plus Ed and Linda and Eric, it was practically a small party on its own. Ed has done a fair amount of work as an extra, and he showed us scenes in several movies that featured him, and we had some nice talk around the table. Still, we had food and games readied for more people, and after a couple of hours we started making phone calls. Good thing we did - both MST Scott and Erin said they did not receive my email. I only got one bounceback, caused by whimsically including the email of someone we haven't seen in four years, so I have no idea what happened. I think I may start asking for RSVPs and confirming a few days before, at least for board games. From what I have observed, board gamers seem more dedicated to the idea of gathering, but people in general just are more likely to turn up for bad movies.

E and S were still in bed and opted not to come, but MST Scott was free so came on over. Linda also invited over a former neighbor, who hung out for a while and watched us set up the BSG game before leaving with her son. We didn't try to get her to play - it is a bad idea to involve someone in that game who is not committed to staying for hours. I about fell asleep several times while playing - I have not been getting enough sleep, Nona waking me is starting to become problematic - so I ingested ridiculous amounts of caffeine in a very short time, which is like getting your second wind by going into a wind tunnel. We ended up truncating the game - Scott was the Cylon, and did better than I did when I was one the last time I played - and I've declared a moratorium on bringing it out at gaming parties, because doing it properly eats most of the evening; from now on we will find specific BSG interested players and have a night centered on that only. Based on the way people respond to it, that will not be too hard to do. Still, it is interesting enough to be fun no matter how the gameplay goes. I don't think it really works with four, though. I would like to play with six people sometime.

I used my bad influence skills to get Arturo to leave work around 9 and come over, and he was there for the highlight of the day, Creationary. It is Pictionary but with no teams, and the ideas transmitted by building them out of Legos instead of drawing. It is every bit as awesome as that sounds, AND it gives me a reason to buy Legos, to expand on what's included. The toy sets they sell, Harry Potter et al, are too small, specific and spendy for me, and I won't just play with a bucket of them. Actually, that's not really true, I well might, but the game gives it an awesome framework and makes it a shared experience, pretty much guaranteed fun. Hooray for justification, Legos, and fun!
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