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baby, he was born to bloviate

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baby, he was born to bloviate

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I hope that I never come off with the grim pomposity of Scott Kurtz. Even when he's writing about angrily setting aside a childhood aspiration, he just grates on me. At his most sympathetic, he's fine, and that's the best I've got. He puts me in mind of Harlan Ellison's editorializing, and that is NOT a good thing.

Shoot, I almost certainly ride the wave of pompous some of the time, but at least I usually inject some levity. PvP maintains a low to moderate level of funny; you'd think he could spare some for when he writes about his actual life. I actually wouldn't care if it was just ranting at the bottom of the strip, but he posts separately instead of at the bottom of his strips, and then combines the blog with the comic feed. It's impossible to keep separate without a conscious act of ignoring.
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