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One of the things that Facebook tells me is that a girl I went to…

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:O  wierded out!
One of the things that Facebook tells me is that a girl I went to school with all the way from elementary to high school is now a chiropractor. She posts about it frequently. It kind of weirds me out in a couple of ways.

First, it's part of that Facebook whammo sense of scale - I knew all of these other children as a child, and I left them behind, but all of them grew up to have their own lives. I never thought otherwise intellectually but it's just kind of confusing to see the evidence of that. Not only do people still exist, but they all have jobs? I just never thought that far ahead, maybe because I just kind of work so I can live. It's level two of FBWTF.

Also, I dunno, maybe I never had a sense of her, but chiropracty just surprises me. I wonder things, like does she buy into all the woo-woo elements of it, or does she just do the physical manipulation? I also wonder what's with the 40's hairdo and why does she look so much older than me. I don't care about her much, so it's not very personal, it's more proprietary - you are a part of MY past, what the hell are you doing posting pictures of yourself "baby adjusting?" I am trying really hard not to judge, but I think I may be failing.
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