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Yesterday was another letdown by the team of apartment complex…

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>:(  jabberwock
Yesterday was another letdown by the team of apartment complex office staff and the maintenance team. I need help hanging some shelves because the studs in the wall are wacky and I wasn't sure what the studfinder was telling me. I knew I would need to be here to show them what I want, so I called on Tuesday to schedule for Friday, which is my day off. I had hoped if I called ahead and gave a warning on the work order I would maybe have better luck at getting what I wanted done. The weather was clear so I had hope - I'd been told there was no way if there was snow. I got up early in case they came, called when the office opened to confirm and was told it would probably be around 1. I did some cleaning and prepared lunch, and waited... and waited. I called again at 4, when I was told they had been going out on heating calls all day and might not make it, but if not it could be rescheduled. 45 minutes before they closed for the day, nekouken made a third call saying, "Just have them come show us where to hang the supports." They came by at a quarter to six, and ended up confirming that the studs are indeed wacky so they couldn't just show me where the third stud is. They said we would need anchors, but that they had no tools with them, so the one who I refer to as The Dumb Guy said they will come first thing Monday.

It's not that I don't want my fellow apartment dwellers to have heat, but it's not like winter is a new thing this year, either. If they abided by the actual concept of maintenance and checked on all the heaters in September, they could have staggered the work orders instead of having an "emergency" now. My gripe is that it's always something with the maintenance staff here. We called six times about the window in the other building, because after each "repair" it leaked again. We called three times before they actually replaced the broken sliding door in this one, and the second call ended with The Dumb Guy promising me a new door in 2 weeks (which they knew nothing about when we called to see why we still had a broken door 2 weeks later). This isn't even the first time I've had a work order followed up with another work order because when maintenance came, they weren't equipped to do the job specified. This time it's marginally understandable because of how the third call was couched, but even so, what the hell they were planning to do if I hadn't had the studfinder and hammer and nail for them to use I have no idea. I called ahead, I said exactly what I needed, and if they'd just fucking come and done it it'd be over now instead of them wasting a trip and me needing to get up early again on Monday if I want to take advantage of their help - and that's IF there's not some weather-related problem that morning to take precedence, which is a strong possibility.

The worst part of it for me is that when I call, the office staffer who takes the call will say with confidence, "Yes, we can do X for you," when they clearly have no power to actually make it happen. I would prefer it if they said, "You can ask, but in the end you depend on the caprice of fate/weather/The Dumb Guy." At least then I would know where I stand instead of just having to hope that this time what they said is true. I hate being dependent on people I find incompetent. I would feel stupid for continuing to rely on them if I had any other option, but I am stuck as long as we live in the complex. We pay plenty to live here, and you had better believe they will charge us late fees if we are not right on top of our rent. I want a similar option. I like our apartment itself, but overall I don't think we get very much for our money. I should have just been a bad tenant and risked the damage to the walls by hanging them myself. Grah.
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