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we could probably wipe out the deficit, too

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we could probably wipe out the deficit, too

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I agree with this.

I think this country will be a better, safer place if we stop legislating the morality of sex and drugs and put reasonable laws in place. You can't change a person through rules. The people who cause problems because of these things are not afraid enough of the consequences not to do what they want, so the only power the law has is to punish them when they're caught. Trying to chase every single person who currently breaks those laws is an impossible task, and a stupid one. Legalize the sex and drug industries, sanitize them, regulate and tax the heck out of them. Make safe places to use drugs, make safe havens for sex work, and then go after the truly harmful - the human traffickers, the sellers of unsafe products. Forget a wall to keep out immigrants, build defenses against the anger of toppled drug cartels and slave rings - there's no way to know how much power they have right now, and that's what needs to be worried about, not stoners and sex workers.
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