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in which I mostly have music on the brain, evidently

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in which I mostly have music on the brain, evidently

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Tonight I was just about unconscious, and then I put my foot at the wrong angle for too long and developed a cramp. I got up to walk it off and ended up loading and running the dishwasher. This is good, I guess - I wanted to sleep earlier, but I was going to do that task tomorrow, so it's more of a lateral move than an actual loss.

Now I am internetting while waiting for sleepiness to come again, and I was thinking I should post links so that I can close some windows.

- - - - -

If I were a mad scientist, I would totally use my gifts for evil by making terrible literary jokes.

- - - - -

I've been forwarding this NSFW love song to Ray Bradbury to people for a week, and I've watched it quite a few times:

I might have a crush on this girl, unless... can you have a crush on a song?

- - - - -

I sort of want to try this Vegetarian "Pulled Pork" recipe, but I'm concerned that it might be a disgusting waste of a good eggplant. Probably just need to wait for the next time I am in an experimental mood. Someday I'll cook again.

- - - - -

Warren Ellis linked a micro-album called The Impossible Girl - Chapter One by Kim Boekbinder. This is four songs; chapter 2 comes out on September 15th. She has them available for free download as well as playable from the website. I'm going to purchase "Impossible Girl #1" and perhaps "Gypsy."

- - - - -

This is a really good article about when underdogs win, and how it works when they do. These stories always get me.

- - - - -

Last night I found two comedy country songs, completely independent of each other.

Liam Kyle Sullivan (of Text Message Breakup, among other videos) was linked in the sidebar of whatever I was doing, so I clicked on his channel. The very first video was a song called "I'm Sorry" by Margaret Cho:

Did we know Margaret Cho could sing? This part of we did not. Did we know that Margaret Cho is comfortable using material that's a bit worn around the edges? Yeah, that we definitely knew. Still, not too shabby; there's a lot to like about the execution (so to speak).

Later, I was watching Two Hot Chicks in the Shower, a webseries I just found by Kim Evey and Julie Wittner of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. One of the sidebar links was a song by Julie and Ryan Smith of Mad TV called "What Would Jesus Do?" It's the spiritual godchild of "Oh Lord, Won'tcha Buy Me a Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin, and I approve:

These are both really recent uploads. Is comedy country gonna be a thing now? I'm not sure how I feel about that.

- - - - -

If you're the type to think, "Say, I wonder whatever happened to Samantha Fox?" but you haven't got time for the pain YouTubes, I am your hero, because I found her. She's made a cover of "Call Me" with someone named Sabrina Salerno.

It strikes me as kinda odd. As an 80s kid, Samantha Fox is just part of the pop music background of childhood for me (though I did have the epiphany that she dressed EXACTLY like George Michael, except for being slightly more butch). She looks the same as she did 30 years ago except a little bit, what, drier? Fragile is the word, maybe. I'm sure she's busting her ass to still look that way, and I guess good for her, if that's how she wants to be. Still, I dunno if it's the wardrobe or what, but something about her is saying to me, "the babes of middle management are ready to rock this wedding reception." I don't think that was the goal, somehow.

However, I never heard of Sabrina Salerno until last night. The evidence suggests that in her prime, she was good at jumping around and having a perm and shaking her hips, but not so good at keeping her nipples covered. I understand that some folks get off on accidental flashes, but that looked less accidental than being the act of a poor wardrobe manager (or a leering one) and a bad editor (or a leering one). Personally, I think those are fine breasts, but the way she's constantly hauling at the bikini top they're stuffed into is not so much sexy as annoying; it reminds me of the sensation of wearing clothing that is too small, which is one of those things that is so insignificant that you feel you ought to be able to rise above, and yet it can distract you all damn day. Blah. Plus, the boobage thing makes me doubt anyone took her seriously as a musician. Samantha Fox is the respectable one of the two, and in her place that might make me rethink some life choices.

On the larger scale, having these two team up to MILFily cover the harsh subversion that was (and maybe still is, I guess they are still touring) Blondie is an unexpected juxtaposition. Adding to that is the way that the driving rock nature of that tune has been supplanted with dance-remixyness and a video that looks like the crap you see behind the lyrics at karaoke. The images would have been perfect if Trapper Keepers had had a sexy line of products. Also, to steal a riff from MST3K, there's a concept, it's called harmony. It's this thing that often happens when two performers are singing at the same time. It might have provided a non-breast-related value-add to this silliness. Look it up, ladies.
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