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a links post, evidently (some links possibly NSFW - thar be cusses here!!)

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a links post, evidently (some links possibly NSFW - thar be cusses here!!)

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A couple of months ago, nekouken found this Halloween-themed Michael McDonald parody, "Trickin' It to the Treats". Last week he showed me Beatles 3000, another video from the same guy.

From there we found yet another Michael McDonald parody, this one about the agonies of getting a birthday gift for your girlfriend.

The song has been stuck in my head ever since. I sought out the original to compare, and have come to the conclusion that the Michael McDonald experience, once you get past his magical ability to make a baby grand sound like a synthesizer, consists of being throatily serenaded by a brown bathmat. This Scott Gairdner does a fair impression of that, though with a healthy injection of werewolf caught in the middle of transforming. Naturally, I am completely down with that.

I think he manages the comic beats quite skillfully, though I do have to wonder how he came to be parodying these songs - written before he was born, assuming the age on his YouTube page is correct - in the first place. I suppose the real question is how did he come to hear them at all, since they are not really what I think of as representative of early 80s music, which would make them readily accessible. Perhaps the beard just felt more natural than a John Oates moustache.

- - -

Also, hey, self-parody from Tim Allen. Who knew there was still Tim Allen? He's uploaded some other stuff as well, but I haven't watched it yet.

- - -

I could stand to do more of this.

This led to a long chat conversation about the merits of cheese as sextoys. I'm not one to judge people's proclivities, but for myself, I have decided to decline the dairy dildo - string cheese was the best contender I could even think of, and it's just, well, flaccid.

- - -

Warren Ellis writing for Wired:

"Common culture is going away because the internet is so big and so full of shiny things pulling at our attention that it’s now extremely difficult to get everyone’s eyes on the same thing at anything like the same time. We exist in a state of cultural fracture, and the cracks are slowly but surely reaching through everything. It became TV’s turn to start coming apart a while back."

No revelations here, but it's nice to see someone expressing this in a way similar to how it has occurred to me. Of course, that someone appears to be batshit nuts, but I rather like the cut of his crazy jib (though not his playlist).
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