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I put the most fascinating thing in my mouth last night

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I put the most fascinating thing in my mouth last night

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I went to the grocery store to shop for ingredients for a spicy corn chowder, and I saw this shocking orange-yellow spiny thing. I bought one, of course.

As with any time when you buy random produce without a plan beforehand, I knew the odds were good that I would never manage to actually eat it before it rotted, but I put it in the fridge to chill and hoped for the best. At the end of the night, I was successfully managing to make the vegetable stock I planned - it was a day for accomplishments, in spite of how much remains and of the interruption by some heavy duty pondering about my job smack in the middle of it - and I actually remembered the spiny horror lurking with my other fresh produce, so I got it out and cut into it. It immediately spat out green slime on the butcher block, aggressively, like it was under pressure! So far, this is already a contender for the best fruit ever.

I hopped online and googled it and found a guide on how to eat them. A fruit that needs more than two instructions to eat definitely catches my attention. The internal structure of it is kind of like an orange, but with about five times the fibrous stuff, and the sacs of liquid aren't attached to the fiber like in an orange, they're just housed within, and they pop out of that framework under pressure. Each sac has a seed inside attached to one end, and if you put pressure on the other end of the sac the seed will pop out. The seeds are like gourd seeds, but the gel sacs are kind of like if a tomato or a cucumber had more clearly delineated bits of gel around the seeds in the center. Flavorwise, they are very mild, a hint of citrus but also melony. The seeds are pretty tough, and bland, too. I spat them out, and there was apparently a metric buttload.

It was a cool experience, though it was too much fruit for one person to eat. Would buy again!
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