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belief ability

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belief ability

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"Women have as natural an affinity for medical science as they had for its progenitor, magic."     --- Dave Sim

This is a highly thought-provoking essay.  I'll be pecking away at reading it for a while.  I have to say, it's a little bit disturbing that I agree with so many things he's saying, considering what he espouses as his core personal beliefs:

"As an example, I firmly believe that feminism is a misguided attempt to raise women above their place, which I firmly believe is secondary to that of men. I firmly believe that homosexuality - not homosexualists themselves - belongs at the margins of society and behind closed doors. I firmly believe that it must be tolerated just as firmly believe it should not be publicly celebrated. "In your face" celebrated, I mean."

From the context, it seems that these *are* his beliefs (not just fabricated examples).  They lie mostly contrary to mine (I agree with the "in your face" bit, somewhat - for me it's only w/r/t blatant activity and the line isn't about gay or straight as much as stranger vs. intimate - it's very much a "Get a room!" reaction on my part - I think I should not have to witness carnality if I don't want to), so it's odd that so much that I do agree with could stem from these beliefs.  Then again, he also said this, which I agree with and which, I think, explains how the parallels my belief structures share with his are possible:

"I like to avoid "Nazi analogies" (totalitarian seems preferable to me as a less pejorative term), but when someone appears to imply that my reactions, my visceral reactions, my own thoughts, my own interior repercussive awarenesses need to be managed or modified or obliterated, I do, I confess, hear the heavy tread of the jackboot in the back stairwell of my psyche."

Perhaps I am better at "agreeing to disagree" than I thought I was.  Or maybe I only have trouble doing that with Mike.  Ah, little brothers!

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