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a snippet of chat that cracked me up

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a snippet of chat that cracked me up

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:D  humerus
him: U need to get laid *
him: I want to help you
me: well
me: that's very selfless of you
him: I know it is
him: No need to thank me
me: you can get business cards printed
me: "Sex Philanthropist"

The part of the chat that actually amused me the most was my unwritten next line, which contained an "at large" joke.

A lot of this is about context. I don't know this person, am not sure why he messaged me, and can't actually tell if he's serious. That right there is a lot of what makes it funny in the first place, along with the fact that I can't decide whether it'd be funnier if we were on the same page or not.

* Note: I'm willing to let the U slide, because they're occasional and all the other words and sentences are complete. Corruption happens.
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