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Occam's Razor suggests that he reproduced asexually (or anyway I wish it did)

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Occam's Razor suggests that he reproduced asexually (or anyway I wish it did)

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I did get some additional sleep this morning, but I spent more time on housework than rest and I am still about two hours short of where I want to be for unconscious time logged. After getting up and putting on lunch for nekouken and me, I puttered for a bit and then I was about to take a followup nap next to a soporificat when I heard a knock at the door.

It was a maintenance person, one I haven't met yet, come to work on a project that was announced last week by the complex. It seems the city will soon be putting into place an ordinance requiring a certain type of outlet in all kitchens, and the property management has decided to comply preemptively. I'm in favor of this, as I'm generally pro-things-that-prevent-my-apartment-building-from-burning-down. I'm a radical, I know.

So, I let him in, cleared the space in front of the outlets in the kitchen for him - hooray for the three hours I spent this morning cleaning in there! - and retired to my room, telling him to shout if he needed anything. I went back out to ask for additional details on the update project, and BOOM, there was a man in my kitchen, as in, not the same man I'd just let in - either that or he'd just gotten stockier, tanner, older, blonder and also grown a moustache, which would probably have broken a world record or two.

I was nonplussed for long enough that I saw that the first one was still there before I had time to actually formulate any thoughts about shapeshifters, but I recovered admirably: "Oh, there are two of you now!" Then I went back to my original question. Apparently, if I throw a running toaster in a sink full of water (his example, not mine), these new outlets will immediately break the circuit rather than catching fire, which is good information to have, as I am about ready for a new toaster oven.

I repeated for the new guy the request to let me know if anything was needed, and retreated again. They were done in a couple of minutes, leaving only some shiny new outlet covers and the lingering scent of that one aftershave that says, "I'm pleasant, but damn it, you WILL smell me." I should really find out which one that is, as man-stinkum that I find unoffensive are few and far between.
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