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I might be depressed. It's unclear because it looks a lot like…

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:(  sigh
I might be depressed. It's unclear because it looks a lot like normal, when I procrastinate and straddle the line between efficiency seeker and lazy (a lot of times they are the same, and that is awesome). The only difference is there is more apathy than at other times. I dunno, it might just be the oppression of humidity.

I'm not unhappy, but on a lot of days lately it's been hard to do anything other than the bare minimum. A good example is socializing. I am lonesome because my new schedule has me pretty effectively isolated from people, and yet, I could probably work around that if I tried, but trying just seems so hard. Even thinking about it feels hard.

Having said that, June has actually been stacked with two wonderful visits, which are not the same as normal socializing, and I have really appreciated and enjoyed them. Now that I no longer have them to anticipate, though, I need something to get me through the rest of this summer.

Some kind of change is in order... if only I could think what it should be.
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