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a webcomics post

It's storming, but that's ok. I'm ready for it to cool down, because damn. All this week I've been waking in a sweat.

I want to point out a webcomic called Paradigm Shift: the story's about werewolves, and done in a heavily manga-influenced visual style. However, the main characters are Chicago cops, and the author's a local, so a lot of the comments he makes are about trying for regional verisimilitude. With my geographic handicap, it all looks unfamiliar to me, but might be interesting for locals. ktp1 pointed it to me ages ago and I just picked it back up. I may be reading this in wrongly, but it seems to me there's also some noirish influence feeding the style. I am currently reading this archive.

Also, from a link from that page, a super short silly story about Wolverine. Very reminiscent of Hark, a Vagrant, but with Marvel characters instead of historical personages or literary figures. Very slight commitment required, so go read it!

And speaking of Hark, a Vagrant, the natural end point of the Austen monster revival (be sure to scroll down).
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