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The move is officially completed. There is unofficially some stuff left on our old patio which we will be getting soon, maybe tonight. I was supposed to be getting that stuff today, but I appear to still be done. My aches are starting to wear away, though, and I'm hoping to be functional by tomorrow. Of course, that means I won't really be functional at work today, but oh well.

I took Tuesday off to finish the move, spending almost all of my remaining sick/late hours from work, because I'm not eligible to use personal time on a last-minute basis until the end of the month. Guess I am done being sick, and hopefully I'll continue my amazing streak of not being late. It's not every year that you move and have a sinus infection, though. It will be rough but not impossible. I will find a way to deal.

As with every other move ever, I feel like I've just successfully completed an epic struggle, but few of the details are interesting. I pushed myself really hard, and it's an accomplishment for which I'm paying with pain, but that's temporary, and as soon as it passes the revelatory sheen will fade and it will be just another move. The most exciting thing that happened is that, while trudging zombielike at the end of the third day, I completely forgot to close the screen door after bringing in a load, and both Valentine and Buddha got out. She was fairly easy to catch, but with Buddha I didn't even realize he was out right away, and I don't know where he was at first. Though I could not find him when doing a post-escape headcount, I didn't really think he'd have gone out, as he's usually initially timid about new areas. I didn't think there'd have been long enough for him to get brave and go outside, and I only realized I was wrong when he came to the door to complain to Nona that he wasn't inside. I went to let him in but he skittered away.

I should have shooed all other cats into the bedrooms and then left the door open for him, but I was too tired to think, so instead I went to try and catch him with the door closed behind me. He ran straight up a tree, but came down after I called him for a while... and then tried to flee into the apartment but was unable because the door was closed. I did the cat shooing then but it was too late, he was already skulking in the ground cover. This building is half ringed with thick bushes, a fact that really made me unhappy last night. I did two full circuits of peering into bushes and wiggling them, hoping to startle him into revealing where he was, all the while calling "Buddha! Buddha!" as if I'd heard about seeking enlightenment but not really gotten the memo on how you find it. Then I woke nekouken, who had gone to bed so he'd be functional at work on Wednesday, and we poked around the bushes a bit longer with no luck before giving up for the moment.

There was still more work to do at the old apartment, but this error showed me that I was way too tired to do any more work, so while nekouken went back to bed, I "slept" in the living room on the loveseat with the screen closed but the glass door ajar so I'd hear Buddha if he came asking to be let in. I put slept in quotes because I was too worried to really sleep, and probably lay awake for 45 minutes or so before falling into an uncomfortable half-doze, repeatedly coming around enough to check whether he'd returned while desperately trying to keep warm with the door open, or at least non-cold enough to prevent shivering. I was in that state until about 3am, when he finally came and complained about not being inside again. I shooed whichever girl he was talking to and opened the screen door as non-threateningly as I could, and though he looked like he might skitter again, apparently it was unscary enough that he could come back inside. All's well that ends well, but we're definitely going to need to get a round of flea treatments.
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