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Last night nekouken were unloading our cars into the storage…

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Last night nekouken were unloading our cars into the storage unit we got in a different building for moving purposes when it started pouring rain. I hopped in with him to get home, leaving my car there in order to unload it the next day.

This morning I walked over to finish the job - it was still raining, but much more lightly. I cut across the lawn, and even though I'd thought to wear tennis shoes rather than my sandals, the grass was wetter than I'd figured. If I do it again it will be barefoot. There is a lot of water on the ground right now, and I am watching the basement storage areas suspciously for signs of flooding.

When I got in my car to move it to the closest spot for unloading, I realized everything was wet. I'd left the window about a quarter inch ajar without realizing it. I rarely make that mistake, but I was somewhat resigned. At least I discovered it while dressed casually for moving rather than right before work with no time to change. I will be bringing a towel to sit on when I head out shortly.

One last thing of note - I saw my breath out there, in just a regular rainstorm. This weather is ridiculous.
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