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reality check

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reality check

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I had my 60 day review yesterday. It was a lot better than I was expecting.

The calls per day metric I'm not meeting IS a problem, there's no question of that. However, the other ones are good enough that they still add up to a good overall score even with the poor call number factored in. Among other things, my reported customer satisfaction is 100%. My supervisor told me that based on what I am doing, I am the kind of rep they want on the floor, and if I'm not able to get that call stat up, I'll go into an extended program to give me a little more time to get up to snuff. She also said, "For someone who talks so much about having difficulty finding information, you're not showing it." Seems I am doing among the best in my group.

I compare myself to two things: perfection, which is unattainable but something I find a good horizon point to keep one aligned; and then to how well I think I should be doing, which is somewhere between perfect and how well I am currently doing. I'm not meeting that standard, but I always hold myself to a very high standard. So I guess I was being too hard on myself. I certainly do have work to do but it's evidently not as dire as it was looking. Sometimes I guess I need praise to offset my own self-assessment.
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