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gah, awake

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gah, awake

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Dratted cat. I've been up since six. I'm going to try and get some things done and then nap later on.

The fact that I'm already struggling with her does not bode well for when I start my new work schedule. My hours will be 2:45pm to 11:15pm with Thursdays and Fridays off. With the 12-9, I've been trying to stick to getting up around 7am and getting to bed around 12pm, with some fairly unstellar results. That's going out the window with the new schedule. There's no way I can go to bed that soon after work, or go to work that late in my "day." I'm going to have to shift my sleep schedule later. Between the schedule and the way I'm responding to the various stresses of the job, I already feel as isolated from people as if I'd moved to Alaska, but this is going to mean I won't even be seeing nekouken. I'm not really looking forward to that. I'm not sure how I'll be dealing with Nona's conviction that I should get up with the sun, either.

This all assumes that I won't lose the job due to failure to meet the metrics, of course, and that is the belief I'm going with at present. It is not a sure thing yet, but there has been improvement, and I have a plan. Yesterday I successfully took the most calls of any day yet. At the end of the day, I had finally gotten the daily average number I was aiming for at the end of the first month. It's the beginning of the third, so I'm exactly one month behind, but I was actually attaining the metric for THIS month in the morning, and if I hadn't gotten tangled in two really long calls I would have made it. That's only the second time I've been in range at all that I know of (I might have missed some instances, it's an average that shifts as the day goes on, and the page that measures our progress keeps breaking), and last week had actually been a disimprovement, so I've regained ground and then surpassed it.

I'm going to be working toward continual gains over the next few weeks, trying to get where I am supposed to be. I'd lost a little of my strong start on quality, but my first two scored calls for this month average a passing score for "on the floor" (as opposed to "post-training transition") which is even stronger than my start last month was, so I'm anticipating that being better as well - hope so, since that's where I look good.

I'm also intending to do some extra work study. It's shitty that I need to do unpaid work to make the grade, but a lot of my job is educating customers, and I can't really do that efficiently unless I know what I'm talking about. This is where being a bullshitter would help me, but I don't even want the skill, truth be told. The calls on which I do best are the ones for the concepts I have down cold, but there's a lot of material that I've had to learn about while on calls. That's how this learning process has been designed to work, but I find it less than optimal. To get past that, I'm going to be bringing a big pile of material home to better familiarize myself with it. It will be in dead tree format, too, since I can't access the full information net from home.

The calls where I already know the material are also the ones on which I am most able to be succinct, and getting through the information at speed will protect me from a lot of the "oh, you're so nice and I can tell you're not allowed to get off the phone until I let you willing to take the time with me, let me ask you 17 other semi-random questions" response that I keep getting. Being a perceptibly helpful person is a curse in this job. Anyway, the most important thing right now is to ditch some of the stress, because it is not helping me. Forming a plan has helped, but having a new "best" day helped even more. Hopefully, last week was the last valley and I'm solidly on the way up.

And just now I had eggs over easy with toast to break the yolks. There is no way that is not a good way to start the morning.
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