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Last night was pretty packed. After work, nekouken had made…

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Last night was pretty packed. After work, nekouken had made BLTs, which we ate while watching an episode of Ugly Betty. Then we drove down to Naperville to go to see Rocky Horror at Hollywood Boulevard on 75th, because his friend R was playing Magenta. It was a bit of a paradigm shift - her costumes were a lot more revealing than the movie version, and the previous times I'd met her she was swathed in plaid and looked ready to do some lumberjacking. It's sort of like the extreme version of when a guy who always wears pants turns up in shorts and you can see his fuzzy legs. I dunno, maybe that only happens to me? I get a similar thing from my own head on the rare occasions when I wear earrings, and it would be the same if I wore makeup.

On the way home, we went to Meijer to get a bunch of plastic bins for our upcoming move. We also both ended up doing clothing shopping, which was weird-feeling. I haven't done that in two years, and didn't really want to do it now, so being extremely tired was actually a fairly good cushion. Yay clearance racks! I had forgotten what it felt like to shop at that hour. It retains that hint of the surreal.

I didn't wake up 'til 11 this morning. *chuckle*
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