polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

I'm feeling quite a bit of anxiety about work right now, because I'm afraid I'm not going to make the grade. I can't afford to be without a job, and I really don't want to lose this one.

I also have a Nona who is able to wake me fairly easily, and she's going through some kind of super-needy period, complete with an upswing in her usual distress about the walls and ceiling, all of which is expressed vocally. Between 4 and 8 this morning, she woke me up about 11 times, which is a lot even for her.

Combine the two and the result is a series of semiconscious dreams, wherein I attempt to offer customer service to my cat.

In these dreams, she has a cellphone and she's racking up data overages. I need to get her onto an unlimited package, but she can't speak English so she can't actually agree to the terms. Additional problems are that I'm worried, because I'm not actually supposed to access the accounts of anyone that I know, and I'm concerned because I don't know how she got a cellphone without my knowing about it.

On waking, I understand the hilariousness of the problem, but I can't fully appreciate it because I'm also anxious and exhausted. Tough break, eh?
Tags: dreams, kitties!, work
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