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more dreaming

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more dreaming

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I guess I was living with nekouken, but he wasn't really evident. The town was a mix of half here, half my hometown. The power had been cut to our apartment. We were set up by our dream landlord with super-long extension cords to the basement, because our outage couldn't be solved until a truck had been pulled out of the river with a giant crane, because that was somehow the cause.

While we watched this, Molly Quinn, the actress playing Nathan Fillion's daughter on Castle, was there talking to me. Her backstory was that she had been adopted by the family of one of my childhood friends, and I knew her well but she didn't know me yet because I'd time-traveled back to now. I was worried that I was being too familiar because we didn't know each other equally, but it was fine.

The landlord did something to address the continuing visits from ants, that kept getting in our cats' food bowls (in real life, the traps have mostly worked but we will still find individual ants, living and dead, in weird places, like in the shower or inside closed dishes on high shelves). Whatever she did included putting a waterbowl on her head. FYI, this is not, my endorsement of the ant-warding properties of waterbowl hats.

I walked to the elementary school because I wanted to go swimming (though in real life the pool was in the high school next door). There was snow on the ground, but all the sidewalks in front of the school were heated, so they were clear, and since it was the middle of the night, I could see them all glowing with a pretty blue light. When I got up to the building it was locked with a digital keypad, so I couldn't get in. It was nearly morning, because people started showing up, and I found out that they didn't have 24 hour swimming open to the public any more. I met Joel Hodgson out on the main sidewalk by the road, and started complaining about the change, and he said, "Well, then I guess you'll get out there and vote next time!"

Yeah, I think I need to start eating more fruits and veggies again. *headshake*
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