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a source of funny

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a source of funny

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:D  humerus
I just finished reading the archive of The Comics Curmudgeon, thanks to cumaeansibyl posting a link to it about six months ago. I had slacked off from reading it when I got another reminder a few months ago - turns out my hot coworker also reads Josh's blog.

Anyway, I've been wanting to get caught up, so I've been dedicating a lot of my internet time there for the last month or so... and then yesterday it jerked to a halt. That's the hazard of reading an archive: waiting for things to be produced real time is slower than reviewing history, so when you reach the end it's kind of like that feeling when you're hustling up an escalator; when you reach the top the end feels twice as sudden, because both you and the stairs have stopped climbing. This is why I like reading dead authors, though that habit does limit one's fannish opportunities.

So now I'm a current reader, and perhaps I will even comment sometime. Plus, now I can go catch up on all the other stuff I was ignoring while I focused on newspaper legacy strips and the snark that skewers them. Hello, webcomics!
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