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Yesterday was a good day off. I reconnected with my main to do list,…

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Yesterday was a good day off. I reconnected with my main to do list, and actually did a few things that have been on it for quite some time. We are so off again/on again. I really need to commit, but every time I think I'm ready, I somehow drift away again. I don't understand why, since it's so good for me and it feels good too, so it's time to try again now, and stop dallying with short-term lists. And yeah, while it's goofy to use relationship terms, it is also accurate, so there you go.

Anyway, in the morning I did a handful of tasks that have been hanging around annoyingly, ones that needed to be done but not urgently enough to have a time frame, or to beat out cleaning, the eternal priority. It was mostly phone calls, and it was a pain, but it's so rewarding to accomplish something that's been lingering in the back of the mind. The afternoon was more about running errands, which is also satisfying, but not enough to keep me from procrastinating on them. Among these errands was my very last recycling run out to Carpentersville, as it turns out - I'm really glad I held off, because the complex is finally getting recycling! Weeooooo! I'm not sure yet whether I'll still save cans and take them to the metal recycling place. I'll take the current crop that's in the trunk, but after that, I am probably going to be willing to let go of the tiny amount of money in exchange for the much much greater convenience.

In ungood news, I learned that Petco is changing their bulk kitty litter to something coarser. The refills I got this time were half and half, and next time they will be all the new kind. I don't want to borrow trouble, but we are going to need to watch over the next few months and make sure that nobody takes issues with this (I'm mostly concerned about Nona, of course), and switch brands to something finer if it becomes a problem.

After that, nekouken and I went over to the complex office, to start the steps to getting me on the lease, and also to look at one of the apartments that is available now. We decided to put down money and commit to upgrading our apartment. We won't have more space, but what we will have - if we go with the apartment we looked at, anyway - is:
  • laminate kitchen floor (instead of vinyl floor tiles)
  • new cabinets (instead of ancient ones that are breaking down from age and can't really be repaired)
  • wooden closet doors with new glide tracks (instead of ratchety metal ones with tracks that don't work)
  • a nice white tub with tiles all the way to the ceiling (instead of our current monstrosity)
Also, just in general, we can leave behind all the problems that have developed in this apartment which maintenance just cannot adequately repair with us living here, if at all. The window in my bedroom, which has been "repaired" six times now, and still leaks, is the one I have bitched the most about, but there are other things as well - I especially hope to escape the continuous ant-and-insect parade, though I actually kind of like the spiders.

On the bright side, though I have had little faith in maintenance here, I found out that half of the crew is about to be replaced, and the management company is looking to outsource some of the bigger repair work found during the assessment of the property as a whole back in January, so I actually do have some optimism going forward. We have two weeks to back out of the decision, which (barring budget disaster) is so not going to happen, and two weeks after that to see if we like any of the other apartments that will be open on our move date better, though we have to wait for them to be ready to show. All I really want is a new place without the hassle of really having to hunt for a new apartment. I want the time that we save to try to buy a house, which is looking like it will take us two years, to be pleasant.

Once that was finished, I spent the evening meeting an internet person. He lives in WI, so the halfway point for us was McHenry. When I looked up McHenry to see what looked interesting to do there, the first thing was that the library is being closed for renovations, so I suggested that we go there and check it out. We both had goals, his being to look for potential dog names, mine being to pick up some books on Greek and Roman mythology, and of course the eternal goal of geeking out about the library, in this case specifically so that I can go back later and see what's changed. I also went into the teen section and saw that Orson Scott Card has put out a bunch of smaller books in the Enderverse. I checked them out because I am curious, and because I figured nekouken would be too, but because of his views, I'd rather give him circ stats in a library than money out of my pocket.

When we got hungry, I suggested a Polish buffet restaurant calle the Warsaw Inn that I'd seen on the way to the library. It was very heavy, very Polish, very good. My companion was unfamiliar with the cuisine, but enjoyed it a lot. The potato pancakes were disappointing, but the blintzes were super excellent. I tried liver and onions as well, and it is not something I want. I also tried a cube of something unlabelled - I'm not sure what it was, but I suspect it was some kind of meat suspended in aspic. It was actually not too bad, kind of like cold gravy but without the flour. It will never replace Jell-O salad, though.

After dinner, there were fireworks - literally, or nearly so. We chatted for a while, and then went our separate ways, but I was facing the wrong direction to see this lightshow. I know about it because he asked me if I'd seen it once I got home. All the guesses he found at the time seem to suggest that it was a meteor, and that's what it looks like to me. Bummer that I missed it, but even so, it was a nice evening as the capper to a good day.
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