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At the new job, I have a 401K.

I also had a 401K from a previous job. I thought I had to roll that over into my new one, but since the same investment company owns both, they already have the old amount. And it's now an IRA. And it's almost 1000 more than I thought it was, which means it's more than half again as big (obviously, it was not that big before).

On the one hand, I am sure that Social Security is going to fold long before I get to retirement age. On the other hand, I'm mystified by all this financial stuff, and my previous attempts to educate myself were failures, probably because this is not something that actually interests me, it's just one of the many things I "oughtta."

Am I better off to put money into the IRA or the 401K, or would it be better to primarily concentrate on saving for a house and getting some equity going first? Should I do some combination of the three? Where do you go to get impartial advice on these things?

My first step is going to be asking Mom, but if anyone else has good links so that I can figure it out without brain overload, I will totally blow you kisses. Or something.
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