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think the interesting dream trend is petering out

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think the interesting dream trend is petering out

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Hm. My dream last night was about making sure of the status of every single RSVP for my mom - for what, I have no idea, but she had written individualized poems for each based on the first letters of the names of the invitees (this is actually not that unrealistic). Some of the invited people showed up to do... I dunno, RSVP followups or something. While this work went on, a large group of people played a game where everyone stood in front of a giant map and held their hand over a country and the it person tried to identify which country that person had. Even in the dream, I knew I would completely suck at that game.

Also, there were two chestnut horses who realized that they were related, but they weren't mine and I didn't get to do any dream horseback riding, so fuck 'em. My warning to all dream characters - figure out your horse paternity on your own time! Do not use my unconscious for this!

Time to go to work, less than 12 hours after I got off. I do not care for these all day trainings that start at 8:30 when my regular schedule is 12-9.
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