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This morning's dream didn't stay with me like yesterday's, because I…

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This morning's dream didn't stay with me like yesterday's, because I went back to sleep trying to finish it. I do remember, though, that it mostly took place on a boat - the kind of huge power boat that rich criminals always had in 80s movies. I was in a class of sixteen, that included some of my coworkers - and we were being trained to be some kind of super commandoes. It got really stressful for me when one of the exercises caused me to shoot a classmate; it wasn't an accident, the exercise was "identify and shoot the target without seeing" and she was the target.

Even though it was non-lethal to her, I was so upset between her being the target and me obediently shooting her that I dove off the boat. They hunted for me but couldn't find me; the only risk to me at all was that we had been closer to shore than I realized and I came really close to an underwater head injury.

I successfully swam away and found a cove, where I discovered something that made the exercise ok. It'd be much better for the story if I remembered what, but all I remember is that it was round and glowing. I can think of half a dozen magical items from stories it could have been, but... well, maybe we were magicommandoes or something. Since my crisis was resolved, I went to see my mom, and she was going to make me breakfast sandwiches with super thick slices of canadian bacon, but they were frozen and needed to be heated first.

This is when I woke up and tried to get back into the dream - gotta get me that sandwich! - but instead I was biking with nekouken around some made-up neighborhood and carrying Savage wrapped in a blanket (he's placid enough that I might actually be able to do this in real life, for a little bit, if he wasn't so spazzed about the outdoors). Everyone in the neighborhood was using the street as an extension of their personal property, so I kept having to swerve around art projects and people playing games. Then some people started chasing us because they thought Savage was their cat, but they had theirs with them, and we could prove Savage was ours because of the white mark on his front foreleg.

So yeah, dreams and stuff. I really wonder why I have these cycles where I dream, and then later they go away. One of the reasons I try to write about them is so that I can see if a pattern emerges, but so far I haven't found one.
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