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Yesterday ended up on an extremely difficult note - I had a call from…

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Yesterday ended up on an extremely difficult note - I had a call from an extremely upset customer who had been told several different and confusing things. It was billing shit, and it was a nightmare. She'd had a bankruptcy, so they closed her account and added a related sub-account, and transferred the remaining balance to the new one. She didn't realize this, and her payments were going to the old account number, so she was building a credit balance there and making no payments to the current account. She had thought she had a zero balance, since we told her she did, but that was only true on the cancelled account. Then she received a text about a huge bill, and was threatened with being sent to collections and having her credit further ruined. And that's when it all came to me to try to figure out. It was a nightmarish mess, and I needed a ton of help to resolve the part I could handle, and no real idea how to handle the rest. I developed this horrible feeling toward the end of the call, like my head had been overstuffed.

I went to the liquor store before coming home and picked up some pre-mixed coolerish things that I've sort of been inclined to try but haven't had a reason, including Mike's Hard Pomegranate Lemonade, and had a couple of drinks while watching the first episode of Ugly Betty's second season with nekouken. Then I stayed up drinking water until about 12:30 and went to bed, and slept in until 10 (except for when Nona was trying to wake me so I could feed them and then later for pets).

This is not something I'll do often, but I actually do feel better.
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