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Yesterday we spent roughly six hours on the phones, the most time in…

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Yesterday we spent roughly six hours on the phones, the most time in a single day yet. I was really grateful when the four o'clock break came and I found out that we'd be going over calls from the day rather than getting back on with customers.

I can tell that I will be good at this job once I get my feet under me. I find that comforting when I am confronted by just how much I am not good at it yet. Our current supervisor listened to and rated one of my calls and went over it with me yesterday, asked me to give my own rating before she gave me hers. I was harsher on myself than she was, since I did several things I should have known not to do. It's hard to put all the things I've read and been told into practice, while talking to real people and trying to go as quickly as possible. I have been anticipating the call review as something that would really be useful, and it was, but I am torn. It would not have benefited me much if she'd pulled a call I handled well, so it is a GOOD thing she got one during which I made mistakes and got flustered. The feedback from that is far more important than what I could have gotten otherwise... but I still really wish that my first call that was graded had been one I rocked.

There's a pattern that every call is supposed to follow, and I have found it very difficult to make sure I was following all the steps. I spent some time on Wednesday night making those steps into a checklist, and printed some out for myself. Once I figure out how to actually use it, it's going to help with calls like the one I failed. I showed them to a few of my coworkers yesterday morning for opinions, and they really liked them, so I asked our helpers if we could get some copies. They found them impressive, so they passed them out to the whole class while I was off getting reviewed. I got compliments and thanks, and I'm clearly on my way to building a reputation on the same things I have at previous jobs, but I have to say that coming back to that was a bit unsettling.

Today is my last Friday that's the end of a work week. As of Monday I shift to my new 12 to 9 schedule, with Wednesdays and Saturdays off. I've never worked these hours before, or any shift that's not one of the standard three, OR had a divided weekend, so I'm about to check off some new experiences. In 11 weeks I will also be having my first ever shift bid. Interesting times.
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