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Today is day four of my 12 weeks of transitioning to being a real…

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Today is day four of my 12 weeks of transitioning to being a real live customer care rep at work. I am agonizingly slow, which they expect, but the improvements at this point are palpable - I took about ten calls this morning, and I had taken about four in the same amount of time yesterday. I hate that I'm keeping people on for so long while I learn, but they all really seem to like me - I am unexpectedly peppy.

Yesterday when we were leaving work, Mr. Yum asked for my email and then took my picture. Email will be an easier way for us to point each other to geeky things, rather than him just telling me about Microsoft Pivot, which looks sweet, or me mentioning Skinput in passing (life would be so much easier if I could put URLs and links in regular conversation - need a smartphone!). Not sure why the pic, my first guess is that he's mentioned me at home and wanted a face to attach to the name. Looks like I have a bona fide new friend - will have to make more room on my attractive-but-unavailable people shelf.

This coming home for lunch thing is great for me so far. Why I chose to eat broccoli once I got here, though, I could not possibly tell you. *blechy*

Time to head back!
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