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packed weekend!

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packed weekend!

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MST - black and white means art!
Friday was the last day of training, so six of us from work went out to Golden Corral for dinner, along with one guy's wife. The food was all right, though too expensive. I was amenable this time but I think for all subsequent outings I am going to speak up for either cheaper or nicer places. Afterwards, the couple decided to scrap their plans to go out to a movie and invited everyone over to their house instead. We all met their dogs - one mop head and one tiny sheep - and then we watched A Law-Abiding Citizen, which I thought was really good, both for the actual cleverness of the clever guy and of the realistic rather than Hollywood gory violence.

After staying up foolishly late spouting off writing and internetting, I got up late Saturday morning to go with nekouken to spend the afternoon with langs_place, who we hadn't seen since Thanksgiving weekend. I also briefly got to be mean to see elision before we left to grab Subway and head for the monthly MST3K Meetup in the city. The movie was Parts: The Clonus Horror. I had forgotten how crap it was, in that special late 70s made-for-TV-esque flavor. It continues to give me a thrill to watch these things in a group - there were 38 attendees this time, including moiracoon and mocha_mephooki. Even though I was tired enough that I probably should have wanted to head bedward, I instead wanted to extend the evening, so we four went out with a fifth person, Laura from the meetup group, to IHOP. It was a good time, except for a period when I was rambly-exhausted before I caught a second wind. Hopefully everyone forgave me.

Today, there was a small amount of picking up around the apartment before we went to meet bammba_m at Sushi Station. Not only was I in the mood to try it again, but I actually found a few kinds that I would consider eating again: Spicy Tuna Roll, San Diego Roll (similar to the spicy tuna, but with salmon), and Spring Breeze Roll (with asparagus). After that, we went to Bamm's to help/peer-pressure her into a new living room arrangement. This was our first visit with the giant TV of giantness. It was pretty friggin' huge. We tested it out with Dr. Horrible, and ended up watching the whole thing before leaving.

As we headed home, I started feeling mildly sick. I am not blaming the sushi, because it doesn't feel like that kind of sick, and I felt icky yesterday evening as well. I think it was not so much about that single meal as it was the entire weekend of eating out. The spiciness and fishiness may not have helped, but I didn't eat at all tonight, and that feels like it was the right choice. I believe I will be wanting raw vegetables, and little if any meat or salt for most of the week. In spite of this, the evening proceeded apace; nekouken made stops at the pet store and Jewel while I rested in the car, and then we came home and divided the evening between cleaning and our usual digital pursuits.

Aside from the mild ickies, I feel pretty great. This is my penultimate full weekend - a week from tomorrow my new schedule will be Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday from 12 to 9 with Wednesdays and Sundays off. I'm not gonna see much of anybody for at least the next three months, so it's good to get some stuff in before I become an involuntary hermit.
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