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Broken sleep last night, strange dreams in the morning. I was…

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:)  every day is just a tease
Broken sleep last night, strange dreams in the morning. I was running some kind of marathon or endurance run, but I stopped in the middle to build some tiny houses off to the right of the track so that I could have supplies while I ran (think resource management games), but I'd built too near the tiny city, which was apparently having some kind of crisis. A tiny mob started chanting "food" and destroyed my houses. I ran on without the water I'd meant to gain, and a tiny abominable snowman (very much like the one in Ski Free, though huskier) appeared and started mowing down swathes of houses in the city as I was moving out of sight.

At the end of the main track, there was a Prince concert happening off to the side. I ran into Mr. Yum and his fiancee - a cipher, as I haven't yet met her - and he'd apparently been running, too. He was looking for his glass, as he'd misplaced it, but I said I had to keep running and moved on toward home. Then, I was dishing out pie at work and one of my coworkers was asking for the recipe.

- - - - -

Today was a food day at work, and I had decided I was too tired for food prep last night, and that it would all be better fresher. I had gotten up in the morning, which is when I wrote all but the last two sentences of the above before I had to stop. I made two derby pies, one with pecans, one without, and also my standard veggie tray with hummus. Everything turned out really well, and I got compliments on both the hummus and the pie (very few people are impressed by celery sticks these days).

Tomorrow is our last day in training, so we will be leaving our trainers behind and moving onto our transition supervisors - and preparing to go on the phones all day. That's why we had the food day today, to mark this ending. We also pooled our money and bought an edible bouquet for our main trainer, and a bunch of long-stemmed chocolate strawberries for the first one who had to go away. It turns out she's been having a difficult week and today had been hard before we called her in, so the gesture really perked her up, and I am super glad we had it to give to her today.

I'm as ready as I can be to move on - which is to say, I'm not really up to speed on the job as a whole, but the last part of this learning is going to be done on the job over the next three months, and I'm ready for that.

Sort of wondering what tomorrow will be like...
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